An ideal option for those who take care of their figure and overall health 🧘🏻‍♀️

🍎 Fresh apples - the second ingredient in all our Granolas!
It is the addition of fresh apple puree that makes it sweeter and more fragrant. Apples also reduce total calories, making Granol dietary and vegan friendly.

  • 100% natural

    Granola - these are oatmeal with
    nuts, dried fruits and apples, which are baked to a crispy delicacy in the oven.

  • Sugar free

    Oat flakes
    fry in fresh apple puree and agave syrup at 120 ° C after
    traditional technologies without the use of sugar.

  • Ratio of ingredients

    50% of us
    granules contain various healthy and tasty additives: nuts, dried fruits, seeds, etc.

  • No chemistry

    In our granola
    no dyes, preservatives or other chemical additives!

  • Made in Latvia

    GOOD MOOD KITCHEN is a Latvian manufacturing company engaged in the production of 100% natural granola.

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